Espadrille Shoes Materials

We try to be as sustainable as possible when creating your handmade espadrilles which is why the materials we use are cruelty - free, natural, handmade and recycled. 

              Espadrille Label Vintage Image | La Manual Alpargatera
Here are the materials we use to create our handmade espadrilles.

Our espadrilles are mainly made by natural materials, some of them being benefitial for health like the jute.


We use jute to create the sole and footbed of our espadrilles. Previously, the soles of the espadrilles where made of Hemp ( we still have some models with hemp soles).
Jute a material use to create espadrilles | La Manual Alpargatera


All of our fabrics are purchased in a smaller scale, allowing us to create limited espadrilles for certain models which at the same time makes them an unique  and authentic espadrille for our beloved customers.

   Cotton an material used to create espadrilles | La Manual Alpargatera

Recycled Rubber:

Recycled rubber is used for most of our soles. Sometime you can see the scratches of the wheels in some of the soles of our espadrilles!

Recycled rubber an espadrille materials for soles | La Manual Alpargatera