History of our espadrille workshop | La Manual Alpargatera

La Manual was founded in 1940, before espadrilles were consider a type of fashion footwear. The espadrilles were previously used by workers and farmers.

Espadrille Wall in Barcelona | La Manual Alpargatera

What is the History of La Manual Alpargatera? 

La Manual was the first espadrilles workshop in Barcelona that made fashion espadrilles. Before sandals were considered a type of footwear field, low-class, traditional country. Up to twenty years after that, we were the only company that dared to wear espadrille shoes to the world of fashion. Years later some others (as in the seventies), start to do it too. Now all kinds of people consider espadrilles as a very fashionable piece.

Our brochure with our history is translated into 47 languages which are translated by our clients themselves. All performed as appreciation for our customers on a voluntary basis. If we don’t have a native language, we asked them to translate it, and so, from time to time, we received a new translation in our email).

We still make espadrilles for the attire of the Gala Catalan police (dress uniform).
Espadrilles weared by Catalan Police | La Manual Alpargatera