How to clean espadrilles?

Learn how to clean espadrilles based on their type. Our inspiration comes from tradition and quality.

We handmade each espadrille, sewing each detail to provide that dream comfort. Note that these are care instructions for sewn espadrilles only.

How to clean espadrilles? | La Manual Alpargatera

Flats, Single Wedge (3cms), Canvas: 

Use a cold water short program in the washing machine. The idea is to spin them several times to get as much water as possible to speed up drying and improve its conservation.

To finish drying them, you can leave them in the open air. Avoid the sun as it could dull their color.

The soles should face upwards to protect the fabric from the sun's rays and increase the soles' drying speed, avoiding water accumulation.

How to clean flats and single wedge espadrilles? | La Manual Alpargatera

Wedges and Platforms: 

Wash by hand only - Make sure to get rid of water excess.

Dry at open-air and avoid sun exposure. The soles are where most water accumulates. They should face upwards to protect the fabric from the sun's rays and to increase their drying speed.


How to clean espadrille wedges?


Use a mesh bag. The ribbons could get into a hole in the washing machine and block the internal mechanism. We recommend to place them in the bag to ensure that no ribbons are left loose.


How to clean espadrille with ribbons? | La Manual Alpargatera